Griffin Oskar - We Don't Get High (like we used to) | Song Review

 Griffin Oskar is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer who has now released his new single titled 'We Don’t Get High (like we used to)'.

Griffin has previously released an EP called 'Hostage' under the name Småland but with the success of the EP, he was able to land a deal with Republic Records.

This song is dominated by an acoustic guitar whilst Griffin is thinking about an ex-lover. Griffin and his lover/ex-lover aren't getting high on love and feelings anymore - their relationship seems to be coming to an end. 'We Don't Get High (like we used to) is a very catchy song and it’s really well written. The play on words is very clever and impressive. I commend Griffin on his songwriting abilities - well done!

The music video sees Griffin in quarantine because of the current global pandemic. Even though you could see this song as a breakup song, it also fits with the current pandemic as some couples are social distancing which could be causing a drift in the relationship. The video was shot on an iPhone which I find very impressive and it turned out very well.

Griffin demonstrates great vocals throughout the song and really suits the acoustic guitar in the background. I can see Griffin has really grasped the storytelling aspects of songwriting and is really lyrically talented. Griffin is definitely an artist that we need to look out for. As he keeps progressing as an artist, his music is just going to keep on getting better.

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