Ella Eyre - L.O.V.(e) | Song Review

 Ella Eyre has released her new single titled 'L.O.V.(e)'. This song is the third single off Ella Eyre’s upcoming album which is set to be released later this year.

This seems to be a fan favourite song since she has been performing it at a number of different shows/festivals over the years. Fans are really happy she has finally released it as an official single. 'L.O.V.(e)' is a really good tropical, summer song which I will definitely be playing on repeat in summer.

The chorus to this song is very catchy which is a good marketing technique as it will be hard to forget. When you listen to the single, you will hear Ella at her best. Ella is singing about heartache and desire for love.

I think it’s very important that we listen to music at the moment due to the current situation as we need to stimulate and keep our minds active. An upbeat song like this will help you escape and dance until you have no more dance in you. Even though it is about somebody desperate to find someone to love but the overall instrumental of this song is so upbeat and great to dance too.

Overall Rating:



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