Ariana Grande (with Justin Bieber) - Stuck With U | Song Review

 Ariana Grande has teamed up with Justin Bieber on the new song titled 'Stuck With U'. The song is inspired by the current lockdown due to COVID-19. All proceeds made from this song will be donated to First Responders Children’s Foundation, which will support grants and scholarships for children of the front lines and essential workers during the global pandemic.

’Stuck With U’ is an R&B soul tune with soft but outstanding vocals run throughout from both Ariana and Justin. The charity single is all about being stuck with that special someone during this lockdown period. Ariana's fans were surprised to see someone different being quarantined with her and that person seems to be a new lover - she looks happy which is good to see.

Ariana and Justin invited fans to dance to the song which is featured in the music video along with a list of celebrities. I really like how the music video turned out - artists are getting really creative due to the current situation. No fancy, high budgets, just using the equipment they currently have available.

People are using this time during quarantine to spend more time with their families and do things that they never really done or had time to do before all of this happened.

At the end of the song, Ariana was still able to get her whistle tones in there which is obviously a classic Ariana move - but where was the classic 'yuh'?

It’s amazing to see Justin and Ariana have come together to create this beautiful masterpiece and seeing people from all around the world having fun with their loved ones. This goes to show how much love and hope there is in the world even during the darkest times.

If you can, please donate - click HERE.

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