Yard Arms - Mantra | Song Review

 Yard Arms have released their new single titled ‘Mandra’.

An ambient Synth wave opens up the song which takes you down memory lane. ‘Mantra’ is a beautiful song with gorgeous lyrics accompanying it. Produced tightly, ‘Mantra’ is well divided in its song structure and is one of those tracks that you would want to listen to while you're cruising on an open road with your friends, that special someone or even with your own thoughts. The song especially picks up its pace at the end with the instruments coming in together making it an ambient experience for the listeners.

The lyrics of ’Mantra’ are what hit me the most in this song. It's a song that dares you to let loose, take things as they come and essentially live happily. This could definitely act as the soundtrack to your life and give you a certain melancholic feeling yet leaving a smile on your face by the time it comes to an end.

The only shortcoming in this comes from the way the vocals have been mixed. I feel the melody overpowers the lyrics at times. The voice gets lost somewhere in the chorus and doesn't really get it's moment to shine. But all this aside Mantra is a solid track and I'll be looking forward to more.

Overall rating:



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