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Meet The Artist: Darla Jade

For the first episode of 'Meet The Artist', I spoke with Darla Jade who is a singer-songwriter from Stoke on Trent, England.  We discussed singles such as ' Frenemy ' and 'Monster in Me' as well as writing for Gorgon City, how COVID-19 has affected the music industry and much more! Watch the full interview:

Michael Rice - Bigger Than Us | Song Review

 Michael Rice represented the United Kingdom at this years Eurovision Song Contest where he placed in last place with his song titled 'Bigger Than Us'.

If I am being honest, I am really upset that Michael placed last - I can't imagine what he is feeling. He gave a great performance and did everything he could. He shouldn't feel down or disappointed - the voting was out of his hands. Michael gave a fantastic performance with amazing vocals - he had such great stage presents. The song is really good too - I love the production and the lively chorus.

Michael is a very talented artist and he has really shown it both in his performance and throughout this song. I'm not going to lie, 'Bigger Than Us' is a predictable Eurovision song. It is a Eurovision-friendly power ballad which we see quite frequently representing our country. It really is a power ballad - his strong, powerful voice with loud production really filled the Eurovision stadium.

I see the song climbing the iTunes charts and it is a really good song. I personally think the UK needs to start taking a different approach to the Eurovision because what we are doing isn't working. Apart from that, I really enjoy this song. I think it represents our country and what we are capable of. Michael shouldn't feel any disappointment, he performed really well and the song is good too!

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