The Nile Deltas - Dust Me Down | Song Review

  The Nile Deltas are a rock 'n' roll band from the East Midlands, England. They have released their new single titled 'Dust Me Down' which is taken from their EP 'Life'.

Rock 'n' Roll is a genre that is a bit mix and match for me. I like certain songs but I wouldn't say I love the whole genre - I just don't feel a connection. However, I really love this song. It is so upbeat and fun. Lively drums and guitars in the background really make this song a fun-loving masterpiece. 
The vocalist of the group, Craig Blencowe really knows how to control his voice and serves some heavy, husky vocals throughout. The meaning and story being the song is really touching and can be something quite personal. Whether the story is from a personal battle that a band member faced or something they have seen someone else go through - it is quite touching. Music is a great way to tell stories and I am sure people can relate. I can also see this song also helping people get through their struggles.
I am surprised that this song isn't more popular. I certainly know people who love rock 'n' roll music that would really love this song. Even though the story is very serious, it has a fun atmosphere about it - most definitely a song you can get up and dance too. 
Please take a listen to this song and let me know what you think!
I got the chance to do a little Q&A session with The Nile Deltas about their new song 'Dust Me Down':
What was the inspiration behind your song ‘Dust Me Down’?
The inspiration was really a story of addiction, in the case of ‘Dust Me Down’, alcoholism in particular. How it can shape relationships, which can be heavily co-dependent, in some cases being the ‘carer’ in the relationship can be a very fulfilling role psychologically, however perverse that may seem from the outside.
What was the recording / writing process like for this song?
It was written very quickly, Tom went into the Blue Room (his studio) and threw the music together in an evening, with nothing more than a loose tempo in mind and an ‘open G’ guitar. From there the lyrics came very quickly too, chorus first and then the rest. It really did kinda write itself that song!
It was recorded and tracked ‘live’ at Rockfield, we really couldn’t imagine recording any other way. You capture the essence of the song then, with each musician impacted by the other musicians in the room to raise the performance of the song. Then it was off to the Blue Room for some additional guitar work and final vocals.
How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?
We like to think we’re very much a British rock band, but are unashamedly influenced by Southern American music. It’s the whole melting pot thing really, the Southern states to us represent such a natural diversity, where soul, gospel, country, rock ‘n’ roll and the blues all co-exist and overlap to form the most wonderful music. Shoe-horn those influences into a British band with two guitars, a Hammond organ and a big soulful rock voice up front and hopefully that’s where we’re at!
Where do you get your inspiration from for your songs?
Musically, they just seem to come in a never ending supply of ‘sparks’, hopefully this continues! Lyrically, there’s a lot of real life in there, both from a personal and an observed perspective. People are fascinating! And we all share a lot of common experiences, we live and love, win and lose, and ultimately we are humbled by life.
How long was the process to complete the whole ‘LIFE’ EP?
It was done on and off in six months. We started pre-production in June/July last year, heading to Rockfield in August and then finished off tracking in The Blue Room in September. Nick Brine (Stone Roses/Oasis) then mixed the EP at Rockfield and it was off to Pete Maher for Mastering, prior to the release in December.
What have you got planned next? Any gigs, new music, other secret projects etc?
We’re on a run of shows with RHR – Redfern, Hutchinson & Ross later this month, including our first London show (The Black Heart, Camden 23rd May) so we’re really looking forward to those gigs. Then we have the Ascension Festival at The Patriot in South Wales on June 8th. Material wise, there’s new stuff coming through all the time, we have a couple of songs that were recorded at the same time as the EP and a lot of demo recordings in various stages of completion.
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