Sarah Close - Cool | Song Review

 Sarah Close has released a fun and quirky new single titled 'Cool' ahead of her new album 'And Now, We're Shining'. This is more of a fun song than her usual serious releases but I'm not saying this song doesn't have an important message... Because it does. I love Sarah as an artist - she has such a good style of music, fun and energetic is what I need.

The song is all about people acting 'cool' and not being their true authentic self. We are in the age of social media and it comes with negatives such as copying other people because it is deemed as being 'cool'. Sarah is telling her listeners to be themselves and not follow the crowd which is something people really need to hear. She also explores this within the music video too:

When analysing the lyrics, Sarah is telling people to not copy the crowd and to be your own independent person. The starting lyrics made me really open my eyes to the message of this song

You looking good in them cute shoes

I saw Jenny and she got 'em too

And know you're looking like a girl group

The lyrics are so true - everyone is looking the same to be deemed as cool when everyone should have their own individual.

Overall, the message this song portrays is one that needs to be heard more; and the song is certainly one to listen too - well done Sarah, once again!

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