Lauv - Changes | Song Review

 Ahead of the release of his debut album '~how i'm feeling~', Lauv has released a new single titled 'Changes'. When I first heard the snippet that he had posted onto his Twitter, I was taken back a little. From the first moment, I could hear the emotion behind the song. Lauv also explained that he started this song when life wasn't working for him. The song talks about changing yourself for the better.

The lyrics are outstanding, you can really hear the passion in his voice. Some people say music is like having a journal - writing all your emotions and putting all your feelings on paper and 'Changes' really represents that. Every lyric is written so well and you can really hear the passion throughout the song. I am looking forward to his debut album, Lauv has such an artistic take to music and every piece he has released I have really enjoyed!

Lauv's fans are able to relate and take something from this song with it being so personal. A lot of people have expierenced a low point and sometimes them people feel alone. Songs like 'Changes' lets audiences know they are not alone.

Overall, I really like this song. The personal story behind it makes it down to earth. The production is soft but effective and his vocals are incredible. I can see a very bright future for Lauv, an even more successful career than he has now.

Overall Rating:


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