Ava Max - On Somebody | Song Review

Ava Max has released another single named 'On Something' to finish the amazing year she had in 2019 and to begin the year of 2020. She was the true breakthrough artist of 2019 with her smash hit 'Sweet but Psycho'. Ava has still yet to release her album but there are rumours that this song will be apart of the project.

The song follows a similar theme that all of her songs do - a catchy beat with powerful lyrics and vocals. Ava always seems to be the artist that experiments with vocals and sounds on all her songs - she is a very original artist, a little edgy and just a really good pop star.

The song is all about leaving a lover and seeing them move on with someone else so a lot of pain has been put into the song. The production of this song is perfect and at the right level to compliment her vocals. Sometimes, with Ava's music, the production can be too much and can swallow her vocals and be very overpowering but this is the perfect mix. You are able to understand what the song is about as soon as you hear the first lines, letting listeners know what to expect - setting a mood for the song.

This song is obviously a sad time in Ava's life that she has experienced but she has still been able to add some sass into the song like a true champ. I have to admit, I haven't liked every single Ava has released but I am excited to hear more. She has really been able to find her image, especially with the half bob, half long hair she rocks. I can see a very bright future for Ava!

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