Mae Muller - Therapist | Song Review

 Mae Muller has released her new single titled 'Therapist' and it really is a vibe. She has a way with music which makes me feel so calm while listening - all thoughts disappear for the full duration of the song. She has the power of making me feel each lyric and vocal in this song.

Mae first teased this song when she was a support act for Little Mix during their LM5 Tour and it had fans excited. The song discusses a relationship that is very one-sided. Trying to make a relationship work when the other half really doesn't need a relationship. Mae isn't a therapist and that is what she is letting out throughout the song. As much as she loves the person in question, there is only so much she can do.

Her soft but powerful vocals are really amazing to listen too. It is a mixture of pop, RnB and soul, a perfect blend for a perfect song. The video to this song really tells the story as well.

Mae Muller is certainly an artist we need to keep an eye out for. She is going to be huge one day. Her whole aesthetic and vibe are so warming and welcoming. I am really looking forward to her future releases. Mae can only get better and I am so excited to see her progression as an artist.

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