Oh Wonder - Happy | Song Review

 The London-based duo, Oh Wonder, have released a new single titled 'Happy' which is about how happy they are to see their ex-lover move on and find someone new instead of a song about heartbreak that we usually hear from artists. This is my first time listening to Oh Wonder and I am really impressed. 'Happy' is such a calming and uplifting song. As much as a break up is dishearting, there is a point where you are happy to see the ex-lover happy with someone else. It might take a while and you have to find happiness within yourself too.

They first performed this song at a secret gig in London and it is set to be featured on their upcoming third studio album 'No One Else Can Wear Your Crown'. I really like the message this song betrays. Putting a bad situation into a positive is the kind of music we need to hear. Also, the representation of a break-up is usually negative when it always isn't. Oh Wonder is able to put their heart and soul into music, giving their listeners advice and helping them with their struggles. They really teach you something within this track which is another reason I like this song so much.

The light, but up-beat and uplifting instrumental in the background sounds so raw and fluffy. I am certainly going to be listening to more of their music. I find them so calming and such a natural talent.

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