Rule of Young - Surrender | Song Review

 Rule of Young is a Cleveland-based band using piano, split male-female lead vocals and upright bass to create music that is dark, progressive, and redefines pop. The group consists of Nico Noir (right), Catherine Calabrese (centre) and Kevin Thompson (left).

They have released their new single 'Surrender' which was produced by multi-platinum producer, Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Something Corporate) and he helped polish their sound and single.

It can sometimes be hard to combine female and male vocals on a song but Rule of Young seem to achieve an amazing mixture of both vocals. Having a lead male and female vocalist really works for this group - this kind of chemistry in music rarely happens and is hard to find.

I have to admit, I am a huge fan of the vocals in this song - as well as the piano, bass and other instruments that some people seem to forget in the background... But I certainly don't ever forget. I also think this song could be a huge success within nightclubs (with a bit of remix). I can imagine myself dancing to this, with a couple of drinks in me - not caring if people are watching.

Rule of Young is certainly a group to look out for and I will be keeping an eye out. Such a talented group with a bright future ahead of them.

I got the chance to do a little Q&A session with Rule of Young all about their new single 'Surrender' and their music career:

TE - What was the inspiration behind your new song ‘Surrender’?


ROY - Surrender is based on the gravity of emotions in a new relationship. It's about exploring the reciprocated infatuation between two people and defining what those feelings are, and what they might become. It's about magnetism and diving into that feeling full force, while worrying about the details later. It's about looking past the unknown and the uneasiness that can come with vulnerability, and instead of giving in to the connection, you feel. It's about looking at someone and telling them, "here is my heart to break", while hoping and believing that both of you will protect each other's hearts instead.

TE - How was the writing/recording process for the song?

ROY - A lot of our songs, like Surrender, start with vocal melodies recorded on a phone, or piano chords with a plethora of potential hummed melodies over top. After the melodies for Surrender were in place, Nico and Catherine worked on the structure of the song based around the concept of what they wanted the lyrics to mean. After this, lyrics were adjusted based upon how well individual lines and words could be sung and harmonized. As a result, sometimes the melody and structure changed.  Once the piano, lyrics, and vocals with harmonies were arranged, the song was taken to Kevin and the upright bass-lines were added. For this song, in particular, the final cut of drums was established and completed in the studio.

TE - What would you like to have achieved in 5 years?

ROY - Planning a tour, a record deal/streaming deal, and being able to easily book headlining shows away from our home city that is both frequent and full would be incredible. Being able to write songs, play out, and do shows is already extremely rewarding, so we are hungry for the opportunity to build upon the momentum we are gaining.

TE - Are you currently working on any new projects?

ROY - We are ready to get back in the studio with an album's worth of material; we are currently in the process of planning our next studio block.  We have many upcoming shows and are also arranging the release of the follow-up to our single, which will either be a song from our previously recorded and unreleased EP, or from the material we will be taking to the studio shortly.

TE - How long have you known each other? When did you meet?

ROY - We all just met and began playing music together in the spring of 2018. Nico and Catherine met in Little Italy in Cleveland. Nico met our bassist, Kevin by posting fliers searching for cello and bass musicians at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and they now live together.  Our guitarist is Kevin's best friend at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Angelo is a student at the there as well.

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