Ariana Grande - thank u, next | Album Review

 Just 5 months and 22 days after the release of her fourth studio album 'sweetener', Ariana Grande has released a new studio album called 'thank u, next'.

The highly anticipated album is a masterpiece, there is no song that I would skip. My personal favourites from the album are 'NASA', 'bloodline', 'fake smile' and 'break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored'. I honestly never thought Ariana could top her last album 'sweetener'... But she has. 'thank u, next' seems more mature in a weird way - no shade to Pharrel (who produced most of the 'sweetener' album) but 'thank u, next' is better produced. Even after a small space of time, Ariana is showing so much progression.

Can't forget to mention the vocals throughout the album - amazing!

This new era is going to be a huge success for Ariana. We have already seen the success so far with the singles 'thank u, next', 'imagine' and '7 rings' but this is going to be a very, very good era.


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