Why Don't We - Cold In LA | Song Review

 Why Don't We have released a new song called 'Cold In LA'.

I am a huge fan of this group - their debut album '8 Letters' is one of my favourite albums of 2018, I had it on repeat for a while!

'Cold In LA' follows their sound which was on their debut album. Their sound is always so catchy and I love it. A great way for the song to stick in peoples heads!

The group are very talented writers and they have insane vocal capabilities and 'Cold In LA' continues to show their talent. They haven't proper broken into the UK charts yet but I know they will, they have too.

The song is about them trying to save a beautiful romantic relationship from being ruined. Pleading over and over again to their lovers to stay with them and not leave them. They need the warmth of their love interest’s love and presence to successfully navigate the coldness of the city of LA.

Overall Rating:



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