Maisie Peters - Stay Young | Song Review

 Maisie Peters has released her new single called 'Stay Young'.

I have been keeping an eye on Maisie for some time now. I first heard about her when she released her first single and her music hasn't been 'my cup of tea'. She is insanely talented but her previous work isn't something I would listen to. I have been holding back because I knew she would, at some point, release a single that I absolutely love... And she has - 'Stay Young' is such a good song and my favourite she has released.

The song starts with a slow start, which sounds like a guitar in the background and then the beat slowly gets introduced. When the song gets to the chorus, her vocals reach out and it seems to get a burst of life. I love it - the lead up to the chorus between each verse is amazing. Such a talented singer that needs more recognition.

Overall Rating:



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