Olivia O'Brien - Love Myself | Song Review

 Olivia O'Brien writes an open letter to herself in her new single 'Love Me'. As the title says, the song is all about finding love for yourself. People are always comparing themselves to other people - even when they aren't realising it. It isn't healthy at all and I think it is really good for Olivia to open it out in a song for others to relate too.

You are unique, everything on Instagram is only a glimpse into someone's life - their life isn't like that all the time and they may have the same insecurities as you.

The single cover is very interesting for this song. You see a doll or Barbie version of Olivia looking into the mirror to see the actual Olivia. People always say that Barbie's are perfect and they want to look exactly like that so what I get from this single cover is that she is perfect, everyone is perfect but looking in the mirror at yourself and comparing yourself to others is not right.

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