David Guetta (ft. Brooks & Loote) - Better When You're Gone | Song Review

 David Guetta is back with a club hit song. He is best known for his catchy and loud dance tracks. This time, he is teamed up with Brooks and Loote on the new track called 'Better When You're Gone'.

David Guetta has been able to - once again - create a great festival/night club banger. I can see myself, after quite a few drinks, dancing my life away to this song. But, I have to admit, it sounds very familiar and doesn't sound any different from what David usually releases.

The vocals by Loote are really good, I am very impressed but I am a little disappointed with the backing music. I am sure David has worked really hard on this song, alongside Loote and Brooks but I always look for how artists progress with their music. David Guetta has certainly progressed over the years but it seems to stay the same as well.

It is still a really good song and it is certainly going to be a hit at festivals and night clubs.

Overall Rating:




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