Meghan Trainor - The Love Train | EP Review

 Meghan Trainor last released an album in 2017 which was titled 'Thank You'. Fans have been waiting for her next album which was going to be released in 2018 called 'Treat Myself' but it seems to have been cancelled - or still in the works to make it even better than it was going to be. However, Meghan has released a new EP called 'The Love Train'.

I am very excited about this release because I am a huge fan of Meghan Trainor. I find her voice so unique so when I had heard that she was releasing new music, I was very excited.

The new EP, 'The Love Train', is full of vocals and talent - I am a huge fan of this EP. Especially the song 'After You'. I had never really taken the time to listen to a full Meghan Trainor album before but I NEVER expected vocals like what is on 'After You'. That song and 'Foolish' are my favourites from the EP.

I hope we do get to hear the full album that was cancelled one day... Maybe we are going to get a couple of EP's with the songs that were supposed to go on the album? I hope so.
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