Martin Jensen (with James Arthur) - Nobody | Song Review

 Martin Jensen has teamed up with James Arthur on their new track called 'Nobody'. I might have missed it, but I have never really heard James Arthur on a song like this and I love it. I can imagine it being a great hit as festivals.

James Arthur has such a unique, powerful voice with a husky undertone. Such a talented singer and his vocals on this track are insane. My favourite part of the song is certainly the chorus, such a catchy beat and lyrics - even if it is only the same one-three words being sung.

Martin Jensen also did a very good job on this song - he always produces bangers and this is another one to add to the list. People sometimes forget that the producers also put in so much work into the music they produce but because their name isn't on the single, no one really praises them - including me - but I am glad producers are now getting more recognition.

'Nobody' is such a good dance song. This collaboration has got to be one of the best of 2019 so far and I am glad we actually got to hear it.

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