Gabbie Hanna - Medicate | Song Review

 YouTube sensation, Gabbie Hanna, best known for her 'MoNsTEEEEERRRRR' meme has released her third single from her upcoming album. 'Medicate' is different from the songs she has previously released. 'Honestly' and 'Monster' was more upbeat and showed Gabbie's huge voice but 'Medicate' is a lot slower, with a piano in the background and a beat slowing showing itself later in the song, soft and gentle vocals and meaningful lyrics.

It is good for an artist to show variety with their voice - it shows they are capable to release more than one type of song or music. I really like this song.

Gabbie has been at the receiving end of some negative internet trolling at the end of 2018 so it seems to be good timing to release this as her next single. When listening to the lyrics, there could be a few stories behind the song- one is dealing with mental health. Living in the age of the internet can take a toll on your mental health, especially with a huge following like Gabbie has. Gabbie sings about taking medication to numb the pain and to forget about what has happened.

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