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Meet The Artist: Sam Sky

For the 3rd episode of 'Meet The Artist', I spoke with Sam Sky all about his music, how his career started and much more! Watch the full interview below:

Zedd (with Katy Perry) - 365 | Song Review

 Zedd and Katy Perry have teamed up for their new song '365'.

When this song was rumoured on Social Media, I was very excited. Katy Perry is one of my favourite artists - I have personal memories with her music and Katy never released a song that I don't like.

'365' is all about having your love interested in your mind 24/7 - 365 days a year. It seems like Katy is singing about never leaving her partner. Another love song, pleading the love from one to the other.

Obviously, Katy is serving vocals and catchy lyrics with an amazing beat from Zedd. It is such a fun song with the same sound Katy Perry is best known her. I love how Katy stays with the same style but makes it different each time. Does this mark the start of her new era? I hope so, I am excited.

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