Capri Tha Villin - Call You Back | Song Review

 Capri Tha Villin is an independent rapper, singer and producer based in Canada. He has released multiple single/songs over the last few years - he mainly posts his music to his Soundcloud. Music has previously released consist of 'Prelude to Madness' (2018), 'Stoddart Creek' (2018), 'Falls from Unexpected Heights' (2018) and his newest single 'Call You Back' (2019).

'Call You Back' is a slow, RnB song with major vibes. His auto-tuned voice is very prompt throughout this song. I do like this song, however, one thing I would change is the vocals. At one part of the song, you can hear layers of Capri Tha Villin singing different lyrics and it can get confusing - I can't work out what he is saying or singing. I think if he made a few layers a bit quieter, it would make it better. Or even, the lyrics drifting into one and another, fading out before or just as he is going to sing the next line.

I am all about being honest on music I review, everyone has room to improve. But also, each artist has their own styles. You can hear how passionate the lyrics are to Capri Tha Villin - they must come from true feelings he has felt in the past and he is really talented in making his projects.

I am excited to see what else he has up his sleeve, I am going to keep a lookout.


I got the chance to do a little Q&A session with Capri Tha Villin all about his song 'Call You Back':

TE - What was the inspiration for your song ‘Call You Back’?

CTV - Sonically the inspiration for 'Call You Back' comes from a lot of that bassy, vibey kind of moody RnB sound. I fell in love with it the first time I heard The Weeknd’s mixtapes and some of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s early projects. The lyrics are just me expressing some of the emotions I’ve dealt with dealing with love in the past, it’s stuff everyone can relate to because we’ve all gone through it.

TE - How was the writing/recording like for this song?

CTV - It was really easy, that much I can say. It all came from the heart, it wasn’t forced. It was just me telling part of my story. The recording process all went really smoothly, I produce, record, write, and engineer all of my own music so I handled all that. 90% of my work is done from my basement studio and that’s where it all went down. I was producing a track for an RnB project I have planned and as I was finishing up the instrumental the lyrics just started flowing. So I fleshed them out and recorded it all that night, I was up late but I’m really happy with how the track turned out.

TE - How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

CTV - Authentic, genuine, creative. If you’re a true fan of music as an art form then I think that should really mean something to you. I experiment with a lot of different sounds and ideas and my inspiration draws from many sources. I think that really comes across in my music when you listen to it.

TE - Talk me through the process of you coming up with a song idea

CTV - I always start with a beat, something that will make people feel something. That’s what I really go for. When you’re listening to my music I want you to be able to really connect with it, I want you to have something to take away after you’re done and be thinking about it long after it’s over.

TE - What are you currently working on? New EP, Album?

CTV - Currently I’m working on an RnB project and also an instrumental project. Follow me on IG @caprithavillin and Twitter @CapriThaVillin to stay tuned with the process and to know when those are dropping, I can’t wait for you to hear them.

TE - What are you hoping to achieve in 5 years?

CTV - I want to be doing music Full Time.

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