Lizzo - Cuz I Love You | Song Review

 Lizzo has released her new single called 'Cuz I Love You'.

This year was the first time I had heard of Lizzo; ever since she released her last single 'Juice' in January 2019. I thought it was such a fun song so I kept an eye out for her.

'Cuz I Love You' is such a good song and I am glad I have discovered Lizzo. Her music seems to have a comedy aspect to it, which I enjoy, and it is something new for me. I can't deny, she is an amazing vocalist who spreads body positive vibes.

The mixture of vocals and rapping throughout this song really sets it off, such a talented lady who needs to be discovered by so many more people. 'Cuz I Love You' also sounds like a song that I could hear in a musical. I had so much fun listening to this song and I would love to see her live in concert.

Lizzo is certainly an artist everyone needs to keep an eye out for - she will be smashing the charts anytime soon.

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