Baby Ariel - I Heart You | Song Review

 Internet sensation, Baby Ariel, has released her new single titled 'I Heart You'.

I always love Baby Ariel's music because it is so artistic and it has a Kawaii feel to it. Catchy lyrics and a catchy sound. She may not be giving the long, powerful, high notes in this song but it is still equally excellent.

The song is all about the struggles within a relationship, hurting each other but still loving each other. Throughout the lyric video for this song, there seems to be a lover for Baby Ariel, but I don't want to say anything more than that unless she confirms it herself - it may just be a friend or character that is portraying her lover for the video.

I always get really excited for Baby Ariel's music and this is a really good, catchy song. Her aesthetic is most impressive.

Overall Rating:



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