Voix - Push

Voix is the artist alias of the songwriting & production team, Andi Anderson and Mike Smith. Their undeniably melodic characteristic boasts elements of commercial pop with a distinctively alternative signature edge.

Their style fuses Pop and Dance and is driven by guitar-based harmony and supplemented by effortless melody, which makes for a unique musical landscape that is steadily and surely establishing itself as deeply emotionally connective and chart-worthy.

Early supporters, Stereo Stickman label Voix as “ever-immersive” describing their December 2020 single, ‘Breathless’ as “expertly produced and performed with a certain emotive, passionate softness that connects within seconds”. Brian Peel of Australia’s JOY 94.9FM has touted Voix as “ones to look out for” in 2021. 

A debut year has included independently racking up more than a million streams on all platforms in 91 countries across the world and this enterprising, independent duo are scheduled to double their efforts in 2021, releasing 12 singles in collaboration with a range of international vocalists.

Having already released two high energy tracks in 2021, ‘By My Side (Without You)’ and their first official feature track, ‘Keep My Love’, featuring Brittany Skye, their third release, ‘Push’ reminds fans of their ability to deliver melody-packed pop songs, backed by flawlessly executed production.

‘Push’ will gently pull on your heartstrings, lyrically contending with the subject of commitment, whilst forcing you to move with its funky, feel-good summer energy. Their plan to release a song a month in 2021, coupled with a seemingly endless ability to fuse great lyrics, melody and harmony with hard-hitting production makes ‘Voix’ an act to keep closely in your sights.



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