Vanarin - Care


Vanarin is an Anglo-Italian Alt-Pop band formed in 2016 in Italy. Their style of music is best described as a combination of Brit-Pop, RnB and Neo-soul. The band has currently two EPs and the full-length album ""Overnight"" under their belt, playing more than 150 gigs all around Italy and participating in important Italian festivals like "Mi Ami”, “Radio Onda D’urto” and "Siren Festival”. 

On February 26th, Vanarin released the first single “Care” from their new album “Treading Water” out for Dischi Sotterranei. 

‘Care’ is the first single out of the new album 'Treading Water'. It is a song that embodies pain and awareness, describing time as a missile that strikes and leaves you surrounded by the anguish of distant memories and past shadows while holding on to a glimpse of hope, “I don’t want to seem like I don’t care” is a cry against a crippling indifference that crawls out from the mind and through the skin. The song uses synths with a varied pitch, wavey guitars and a consistent drumbeat that keeps you floating and falling, a sonic fever dream of conscious thought.


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