Laurre - Don't Ask

Laurre is the project of queer multi-intrumentalist Lauren Wachenfeld, based in Cincinnati, OH. Laurre's sound ties together vibrant guitar hooks, poetic lyrics, and dynamic rhythms to create a space to dance and celebrate, or cry and ruminate. 

Upcoming EP, Paper Blue, was produced by Mike of Mike Mains & The Branches. These songs are immersed in themes of heartbreak, mental health, identity, and coming of age in a way that is honest and authentic.

When speaking about their music, Lauree said "I write music about the things that break my heart and that put it back together. My art resides in the liminal space between happy and sad, and maybe you do too"

'Don't Ask' was written after getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship - it is a lesbian anti-love anthem. Invoking poignant personal details juxtaposed with relatable sentiments, the upbeat tempo drives it all home. The instrumentation is colourful, blending a vibrant mixture of bright electric guitars, bouncy drums, moving bass, and atmospheric keyboard. 

'Don't Ask' highlights the grey area between happy and sad, okay and not okay. It was produced by hitmakers Mike Mains & The Branches, recorded in a house in Nashville, TN. Everyone who has ever been in a failed relationship will want to scream the chorus at the top of their lungs.


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