Almost Owen - 2020 Heartbreak | Song Review

Almost Owen is an LA-based singer-songwriter and he has released his first single of 2021 titled '2020 Heartbreak'. The new rock and hip-hop-infused pop single is a big middle finger to the year 2020.  For everyone, 2020 was possibly one of the worst years and this song reflects that. However, last year Almost Owen released so much new music including his album 'Late Night Dangerous', as well as two EPs called 'The Sum of Contradictions' and 'Felt Cute, Might Delete'.

'2020 Heartbreak' is a high tempo, catchy song.  I really like this song.  It captchas the true feelings behind last year and with the elements of rock within the song really help show the frustration and the emotion behind it all.  The lyrics are so relatable.  One thing I love about this song is that Almost Owen has taken such a bad year and made an incredible song out of it!

I am sure Almost Owen has loads more music lined up for 2021 and I am excited to hear them.  I love this song - adding it to my playlist as we speak.

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