Sean Paul (ft. Stefflon Don) - Shot & Wine | Song Review

 Sean Paul is a Jamaican dancehall rapper, singer and record producer.

He has had many smashes hits over the years and has released 8 studio albums - 'Stage One' (2000), 'Dutty Rock' (2002), 'The Trinity' (2005), 'Imperial Blaze' (2009), 'Tomahawk Technique' (2012), 'Full Frequency' (2013) and 'Mad Love The Prequel' (2018).

He has now released a new single called 'Shot & Wine' featuring Stefflon Don.

Sean Paul is best known for his reggae-infused and catchy tracks and he has been able to release another one of the kinds of songs. Sean has also collaborated with many artists and has managed to have quite a few hits with them.

Stefflon Don is a British rapper and singer. She is best known for her 2017 single 'Hurtin' Me' featuring French Montana, which peaked at number 7 on the UK Singles Chart. In 2016, Stefflon Don released her debut mixtape 'Real Ting', followed by another mixtape, 'Secure', in 2018.

For me, Stefflon Don voice fits so well with a Jamaican infused song like this and I really think this pairing. The lyrics throughout this song is very catchy - I knew most of the words after the third listen. Sean Paul seems to always release catchy songs and I really like that. A good marketing technique as his songs will be stuck in peoples heads which could lead to more sales or streams.

I really like this song, very catchy and I can imagine some beach-vibes within the visuals.

Overall Rating:


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