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Meet The Artist: Joe Antaine

Joe Antaine grew up in Belfast at the back end of the infamous 'troubles', living in his grandmother's house along with his mum, two uncles and two aunts, in the loudest yet the most loving family environment a kid could have hoped for.

Joe started his career playing 'air' piano on the sofa to Elton John and Queen records, and singing in school and church choirs. Joe’s moment of musical Zen came when his uncle put on a Billy Joel record.

Joe Antaine is now based in Glasgow and tours the clubs. He has a string of singles coming out on The Animal Farm label including his debut single, 'Don't Shut Me Out' which is out now.

'Don't Shut Me Out' is all about someone shutting Joe out, not expressing how they feel and really making it hard to communicate. Every song has different meanings to each person and in my perceptive, this song is about someone not telling you how they really feel - they could be dealing with depression and/or anxiety but they are too scared to mention. Joe is trying to reach out to them and they aren't having it. This may be far from the story behind the song, but that is my take on it and as I have mentioned, everyone has different meanings behind songs.

I really like the vibe this song gives off. Even though this song is about Joe pleading to not be shut out by a loved one, the lively piano in the background really gives off a happy, jolly feeling. I can also imagine everyone in a pub/club up on their feet, dancing to this track - but I can also imagine it being performed within a musical. To set the scene: A man is pleading to his lover to not shut him out after a disagreement or argument - obviously a very dramatic disagreement... It is a theatre we're talking about.

I got the chance to do a little Q&A session with Joe about his debut single:

TE - How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

JA - I love many musical genres and many artists. When I listen to my stuff sometimes I hear a little Billy Joel, then I hear Radiohead, then I hear a little Pink, a hear Take That even sometimes. I don't write to a formula or a stylistic template. I'm in a stylistic no man's land or every man's land if you wanna see it that way.

TE - So how would I describe my music to someone who hasn't heard it? 

JA - I'd say check out my live show, stream the single, listen to the stuff, my description or anyone's description means s*** if you're not willing to listen to me. So just listen to me. (Smile)

TE - How long have you been making music?

JA - My whole life. Musicians have captured me in their twisted little worlds of imagination since I  remember and even as a kid I was tinkering about with ideas and concepts of my own. A writer, an artist is born that way, with a compulsion is created. I never decided one day, 'Oh this seems like a sensible career', Music picks you. I never understand the singer or guitarist that tells his band, 'We need to start writing our own stuff!'
For me, it was happening long before I wanted to be in a band.

TE - What was the inspiration behind your song, ‘Don’t Shut Me Out’?

JA - It an uplifting hangover song really. None of the experiences in the song is particularly joyous but the character in the song just keeps seeing the possible side and continues to pursue his love interest. I can be a lot like that. I don't get down for too long.

TE - What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?

JA - I wanna build a good sustainable living out of this music thing. So if I'm honest I really, really, want to make lots of money.

TE - Who would be your dream collaboration?

JA - Mark Ronson. I'd love to work with Mark Ronson he's our generation's Phil Ramone, Quincy Jones f****** awesome.

TE - So, what is next for you? Any new music coming, future gigs etc?

JA - We are dropping a second single freak show in February we're going to be gigging all year around. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with what we're doing! Come have a chat, I'm up for almost anything.

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