Chris Brown - Undecided | Song Review

 Chris Brown is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. He has involved in his church choir and several local talents show from a young age and later sign a record deal with Jive Records in 2004.

Throughout Chris' music career, he has released 9 studio albums - 'Chris Brown' (2005), 'Exclusive' (2007), 'Graffiti' (2009), 'F.A.M.E' (2011), 'Fortune' (2012), 'X' (2014), 'Fan Of A Fan The Album (with Tyga)' (2015), 'Royalty' (2015) and 'Heartbreak On A Full Moon' (2017).

Chris Brown has now released his new single, 'Undecided' and I am really loving the track.

I have to admit, Chris has been involved in a lot of problems in the past, which I do not support or like but he does release some really good music.

'Undecided' talks about the strains of his current relationship and the impact it has had on his mental health. I think it is really good for Chris to talk about mental health. There is a stigma where males can't talk about mental health and say how they truly feel as it can be a sign of weakness but it is good for a popular male artist to speak up - the stigma needs removing. It could really help people now Chris has spoken about it within his new song.

This song is the lead single from his upcoming studio album 'Indigo' which Chris announced to be released later this year.

Chris really serves some really good vocals throughout the song. You can't deny that Chris is very talented. It is a shame that his past has changed peoples perception of him. Scott Storch produced this song and I think he did some amazing work on it, it sounds so soothing and kind of reminds me of the Rugrats theme tune during the chorus.

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