Tallia Storm - It's The GC | Song Review

 I never thought I would write this review but here we are HAHA...

Tallia Storm has released a single called 'It's The GC' - all about the iconic queen and meme legend, Gemma Collins.

Tallia Storm is a Scottish singer/songwriter who has appeared on many reality TV shows and has now released a song all about Gemma Collins. I believe this song is used for a promo video for Gemma Collins' collection with BooHoo.

There has been rumours of Gemma Collins releasing a song and I am kind of hoping this isn't it. I was expecting at least Gemma to be on the track. There are some parts of the song where there is some speaking over the instrumental, I was hoping that was Gemma at first as I couldn't work out who it was... But it is Tallia.

However, Tallia is serving very good vocals and I do like the song. I just wish Gemma was on it at some point. Can you imagine a rap verse from Gemma? Iconic.

Tallia uploaded the audio of the song to her official YouTube channel and in the description, she wrote 'In truth, the lyrics came so easily as everyone is so endeared by Gemma. Her personality and character is infectious. She is both stylish and sassy and this is a celebration of that. Everyone loves the GC!'

I want to start a petition for Gemma Collins to properly bring out a song, channelling all of her vocal capability and bringing us more meme-worthy materials.

Overall, it is a very catchy song and it is obviously very good because it is about the one and only queen, Gemma Collins.

Overall Rating:


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