Little Mix - LM5 | Album Review

Little Mix is a British girl group who were formed in 2011 during the eighth series of The X Factor UK. They were the first group to win the competition and they signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Music and released a cover of Damien Rice's 'Cannonball' as their winner's single. It has been all over Social Media that they have now left Syco Music and have signed a contract with RCA Records UK who seems to have a big 18-month contract with loads of things planned. The group consists of Jade ThirlwallPerrie EdwardsLeigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson.

They have released 4 chart-topping studio albums called 'DNA' (2012), 'Salute' (2013), 'Get Weird' (2015) and 'Glory Days' (2016) and they have also released a Platinum Edition of Glory Days in 2017 which featured 3 new songs - 'Is Your Love Enough?', 'Dear Lover' and 'If I Get My Way'.

The girl group have finally released their highly anticipated fifth studio album called 'LM5' featuring songs such as 'Woman Like Me', 'Joan of Arc', 'Told You So' and 'Only You'.

1. The National Manthem

'The National Manthem' is a 30-second song which serves as an introduction to their album. The girls serve vocals and soothing production by Joe Kearns who has worked with Little Mix on a bunch of songs in the past. It is a 5 line song but is still very powerful showing girls power.

2. Woman Like Me (ft. Nicki Minaj)

'Woman Like Me' was the lead single from this album and it features Nicki Minaj. The song did really well in the charts within the first week - charting high in the UK and many other countries.

The song is about women empowerment, which is what the girls always strive to write about within their songs. I really like how Little Mix wants to talk about female empowerment - they are really inspiring so many women!

I really like the song. It has a catchy beat and catchy lyrics and Nicki really fits with this song. You can't imagine anyone else on this song. It has a small reggae feel to it with the obvious pop instrumental.

The music video for the song has a very important meaning to it. It tackles situations of stereotypes on how 'a woman should act'. Scenes throughout the music video tackle the stereotypes of how a woman should stand, move, walk, eat and even how much they weigh. Towards the end of the video, it looks like they are 'rebelling' to the stereotypes as every woman should. Women are very powerful and should have equal rights to men. Little Mix's message is girl power and I am glad they have covered some of the issues and stereotypes that women have to face.

3. Think About Us

'Think About Us' is the third track from the album. Perrie Edwards has revealed that this is her favourite song from their album. I can totally see why. It is an upbeat song that you could totally dance too.

The song is about either a break-up with a lover or a break the couple may be taking for a short while. One thing I love about music is you can interpret songs to your own meaning. The artist may have had a storyline while writing the song but you can mould it to something you have experienced.

I have nothing bad to say about this song, I really like it. I have to admit, there isn't one song from the album that I don't like - every song is a masterpiece and I hope Little Mix are proud of this album as much as I am.

4. Strip (ft. Sharaya J)

The next song is 'Strip' featuring Sharaya J. I had never heard of Sharaya J before the track-list of this album was released but she is an American female rapper and choreographer. She is best known for her singles, 'BANJI' and 'Say Less', as well as for being signed to Missy Elliott's label 'The Goldmind Inc'. Prior to her work as a musician, she worked as a hip-hop choreographer and urban screenplay writer. In July 2018, Sharaya joined music competition program The Four: Battle for Stardom, where she attained the title for longest seat holder and runner-up of season 2.

This song is all about body confidence and girl power. It is a very different song that Little Mix has ever done before but it is so powerful. All the girls from this group have had insecurities and I am sure everyone has had some kind of body insecurities and this song empowers that, saying everyone is perfect no matter what.

The music video includes different influential people of all types. Plus Size, different Race etc. The music video was also co-directed by Little Mix and it shows you should be confident of whoever you are because everyone is perfect.

Such a power song and music video that I think will inspire so many people!

5. Monster In Me

'Monster In Me' is one of the slower songs from the album. Surprisingly dark lyrically, as it seems to highlight the complications of a destructive relationship. The girls are serving vocals which we knew they could. Their music is constantly evolving and you can really hear it in this song. Lyrics are coming from their hearts.

This song is one of my favourites from the album. As I have mentioned in previous reviews, I don't usually like slower songs but there is something about Little Mix's slower songs that I love! Their production is always on point too - they work with really good producers who really know what Little Mix want. I keep saying it and I will always say it - the girl's vocals are always on point with every single song they release.

6. Joan Of Arc

'Joan of Arc' has a strong theme of girl power running through it - which seems to be a common theme on this album. To be honest, there need to be more female empowerment anthems and that is what Little Mix is all about!

The song was named after a powerful woman from the 1400s who believed that God had chosen her to lead France to victory in its long-running ware with England. On the morning of May 30 1431, at the age of 19, Joan of Arc was taken to the old market place of Rouen and burned at the stake. (read more on HISTORY)

Little Mix have released snippets of what looks like an upcoming music video for the song and they make references to Joan of Arc which I think is very powerful - this song just screams girl power. To add to their amazing vocals within the song, Little Mix is also giving us a History lesson with teaching us about a strong woman from the past.

7. Love A Girl Right

'Love A Girl Right' is another one of my favourites from the album. It reminds me of 90's inspired Destiny's Child or TLC song. Pop and R&B infused with amazing production again - I LOVE IT!

The first few seconds of the song reminds of 'Love Drunk' from their debut album 'DNA'. It probably wasn't intended but it is nostalgic listening to that bit and then looking back at how much progress they have made from their production, vocals and lyrics.

This song is about Little Mix telling someone to love that girl right in a very sassy tune. It is also rumoured that the male voices we hear throughout the song are Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne's boyfriends which would be really good for them to include them. Unfortunately, Jesy and her music producer boyfriend, Harry James, have recently split up with Jesy removing every trace of him from her Instagram.

8. American Boy

'American Boy' has the Caribbean feel to it - I can imagine it being a 'holiday' song that I play on the beach. I really think Leigh-Anne is the member who shines through on this record.

Again, it is one of my favourites from the album and another song that is different from what Little Mix have previously done. This whole album is a whole new era for Little Mix's music - still contains the catchy lyrics Little Mix have always provided on their albums.

9. Told You So

'Told You So' has an acoustic feel to it and the song is all about friendship. Their inspiration is most likely from their own friendship - they have been through so much in the 7 (nearly 8) years they have been together.

It is so refreshing for them to be singing about their friendship - you can hear and see that their friendship is so strong still after 7 years of being together as a group. It is surprising that they didn't know each other before they were formed by Kelly Rowland on The X-Factor UK in 2011. This group was meant to be put together, it was fate.

Their vocals are amazing, like always. I have previously said in reviews that I am not a massive fan of slow, acoustic, ballad songs - I would rather listen to an upbeat one that I could dance too. However, there is something about Little Mix's slow songs that I like. It feels more real and close to their hearts. It also shows their vocal capability and what they can do once they are in the studio.

10. Wasabi 

'Wasabi' is possibly my most favourite song on the album. Following the same kind of style 'Strip' was produced talks about those who criticise and attack Little Mix for almost everything, whether it be actions, looks, clothing, etc. The girls make it clear they don’t care about all the negativity and they like that people can’t stop talking about them.

Jade actually revealed that thought of the idea for this song while eating Wasabi and it is one of four explicit tracks on the album.

The stand out for this song is Jesy, I love her verses how it seems to change the genre to rock elements within a pop song.

11. More Than Words (ft. Kamille)

Another one of my favourites from the album, 'More Than Words' featuring Kamille. I have seen Kamille on my Social Media timeline before but I have never really listened to any of her music before.

Kamille is an English singer-songwriter. As a songwriter, she has written numerous UK Number 1's Singles on countless platinum albums. She has recently been nominated for ‘Songwriter Of The Year’ at The 2018 A&R Awards for the second year running. Her first song, 'What About Us', gave girl group The Saturdays a number one. Since then, she's become Little Mix's go-to songwriter, composing hits such as 'Black Magic' and the Brit award-winning 'Shout Out To My Ex'.

I also thought it would be a bit pointless to have a female vocalist feature on a girl groups record as you wouldn't be able to define their voice. However, I was wrong. Kamille has a very unique voice and after listening to Little Mix for the past 7 years, I can identify their voices. Kamille seems to have had so much input on this song and you can happily hear that. I Love It.

The Visuals (or Music Video?) for the song is equally brilliant. It has been rumoured that Little Mix filmed visuals for every song from the album. So Far, we have seen 'Woman like Me' (obviously), snippets of 'Joan of Arc', 'More Than Words' and 'Strip' - I hope they have filmed visuals for each song, I would love Little Mix to one day, bring out a visual album; similar to Beyonce's 'Lemonade' album.

12. Motivate

'Motivate' is a very upbeat song that I can't help but dance too. My interpretation of the song is that it is about their boyfriends 'motivating' them so the girls are praising them for a good time (take that how you want too). With lyrics such as 'He give it to me anyway that I want it, babe, Anyway that I want it, Drunk or sober (Sober, sober, sober)' you can hear what the song is about.

I really like the song, Little Mix is getting more explicit with their songs and you can see they are growing up as artists and people. Looking back to their first album to now, you can hear and see the progression they have had.

13. Notice

'Notice' is another slow-ish song from the album. It still has a catchy beat but their vocals are softer like they would be in a slow song. It is about a boy not giving them enough attention. It sounds like a pre-breakup song where the girl is getting fed of not being noticed by their loved ones - even when they make an effort.

It still has the mature sound that this album is infused with and I really like it. It is something that we have needed from the girls. I have been a fan of the girls all over their career, and they have been labelled as a girl band for children which I think is wrong. With this album, it proves that they have grown up and their music is now for more grown-up, mature people.

14. The Cure

'The Cure' is the last song on the standard edition of LM5. The song is about a break-up, the heartbreak you may face after ending the relationship with your love. But the song takes place when you finally find the cure to end the heartbreak. I think anyone who is in the post-breakup stage of their relationship, this song will help. However, you can interpret it however you want, you can make your own meaning to it. Even Jesy said it can be viewed in any way you want.

This album is all about female empowerment and this song serves that greatly.

15. Forget You Not

'Forget You Not' is the first Deluxe edition song and again, it is another breakup song. It is about not forgetting your ex even if you are trying to show you are. You are wanting to show that you are not bothered about the breakup but in fact, you are bothered. Distracting you by surrounding yourself with your friends or spending the night in a club drinking until you are crying on the toilet floor about your ex-lover.

I can imagine the music video to be as visually pleasing as the rest that we have seen so far. Little Mix is truly glowing in this era.

16. Woman's World

'Woman's World' is another one of my favourites. It is a real shame it is only available on the Deluxe Edition of the album, I think it deserves to be on the Standard edition.

The song is about what it is really like in a 'Woman's World'. The struggles females have to face with criticism from online trolls or bullies in their day to day lives. Females are usually the first to be the judge whether that is for they wear or if they have an intimate time with another person - they seem to be scrutinised more than males. For example, a male could have sex with 10 different women and he would be known as a 'legend' within his group of friends. Whereas, if a female has sex with 10 different men, she would be known as a slag - which is not fair and that is exactly why we need equal rights.

Females need to know at a young age to not listen to the haters and live their lives however they want. Don't let anyone's actions or saying get them down - grow up a confident young woman and be proud of yourself.

A strong message and song that needs to be heard by so many people.

17. The Cure (Stripped)

The second to last song on the album is a stripped version of 'The Cure' which features more of the girl's vocals. I think the message behind the song shows and excels more within a stripped back more acoustic song.

I have to admit, I'm not a massive fan of Little Mix's Stripped songs but they do shows and tells the story and the message better.

18. Only You (with Cheat Codes)

'Only You' is a song by American DJs, Cheat Codes and Little Mix. It was released on June 22, 2018, as a single, and was first included on the Ministry of Sound compilation album The Pool Party, released on July 6, 2018. It is included on the deluxe version of this album.

This song is a midtempo EDM song, backed by an acoustic guitar, that runs for three-minutes and nine seconds. It includes elements of electronic, tropical house and ambient. It contains backing vocals by the members of Cheat Codes. All the lyrics are structured in verse–pre-chorus–chorus which contains no vocals but instead an instrumental.

Lyrically, it is about love and post-breakup phase of a relationship. The music video for the song was released on July 12, 2018, on Little Mix's official YouTube channel. The video features an LGBTQ+ storyline between two girls (played by Lisa Starrett and Peyton List) at a house party, one of whom turns out to be a mermaid. The video was directed by Frank Borin. Overall, this album is amazing. It is so mature and you can hear the progression with their music and their vocals. I think it is right to say that this is probably their best album yet and I am excited about this era. You can always hear a progression with Little Mix's music and they always produce something different. Each album of theirs are different and it shows progression and growth on them finding the music that works best for them and what they want to make.   I am so proud of them!  

Overall Rating:


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