Nille Nyc - Someone Else

Nille Nyc is a Danish recording artist who creates dark electro-pop with haunting vocals

and melodic compositions. Her music is a nice blend of up-beat tracks and thoughtful

slow-moving ballads, always wrapped in an urban electro-vibe. Having released her debut ep in 2020, Nille now works on her first full-length album, which shows Nille's passion for RnB, pop and electronic music, still combined with Nille Nyc's edgy vocals. The first teaser from the album, Someone Else, is released 26th of March on all digital platforms.

'Someone Else' tells the story of looking back at a toxic relationship from a much better place. Moving on in order to grow is important for all human beings. With a strong RnB vibe and Nille's edgy vocals, 'Someone Else' could be the track you need to find your inner power. 



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