Julie Hicklin & VIZCAYA - IT'S A SIN

JULIE HICKLIN is a London based Singer/Songwriter with a gift for top line melody and hook lines.

She has collaborated with numerous producers, musicians and writers and provided material for labels including Mutesong, Polygram, Botchit, ZTT and Warners, Julie has also written top lines for TV ads including Evian, Freshbrew and FabergĂ©, pitched for major ad campaigns and showcased on BBC Soundtracks. 

Having been a featured Artist/Writer on various projects she has now launched a solo project under her own name. 

Julie is fashioning a new chapter in her career, writing songs that have compelling hooks, conjure emotion and resonate with the listener. 

From slow burning, dancefloor-friendly tracks to haunting ballads, they are soundscapes for film, TV and a sonic journey of life, love and human experience.

She joins forces with VIZCAYA for the release of IT'S A SIN.

A cover of the Pets Shop Boys song It's A Sin (1987). The current global TV show of the same name has drawn attention to the horror of the AIDS Epidemic and how Gay men were treated like lepers. We have covered this song giving it a contemporary twist of vocoder on the vocal, 120bpm 4 to the floor and a haunting string section.



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