Brie Spaulding - Flowers for the Dead | Song Review

Brie Spaulding is a singer-songwriter and producer from Chicago, Illinois. Her debut single, 'Flowers for the Dead', was released in November 2020.

The song is a soulful alt-pop ballad which portrays beautiful vocals throughout with a soft piano-based instrumental and the occasional aggressive base.  This was a great choice for a debut single by Brie.  It not only shows off her incredible vocals but her amazing songwriting skills also.  It always people to get to know her voice and songwriting style in an instance and I am not disappointed at all.

The song is all about you feeling incapable of falling in love or coping with a recent breakup.  Usually, break up songs go in a normal patter where the other person did something wrong and that is the reason the relationship finished.  However, 'Flowers for the Dead' is all about you not feeling capable to love anyone.  You can really hear the pain and emotion within the lyrics.  So powerful.

With Brie's amazing vocals and songwriting skills, I am very interested and excited to hear future releases.  I am looking forward to seeing which direction she takes her music.

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