Yuna (feat. Usher) - Crush | Song Review

 For throwback Thursday I’m listening to the 2016 song ’Crush’. It was a perfect duet between Usher and Yuna, both of these artist have such soothing voices. This song is about how you’ll do anything with the person you love and you love the rush of excitement.

The lyric composition is amazing, the words in this are so simple and straight to the point. Usher and Yuna’s back and forth dialogue makes the song feel like you’re speaking to your friend. Yuna explained how classic they were as a couple by saying “Jet black Mercedes built in the 70’s, classic like you and me.” Iconic verse, but my favorite verse is;

“But babe when I’m with you I heart it, my heart singing la la la la la la la la la”

They both feel amazing with they’re together and don’t want it to change. When you listen to this song you can just think about how euphoric it feels to be with your significant other. I’d listen to this on a late-night drive with the love of my life to the end of the world. You’ll forever have a crush on this song, beautiful.

Overall Rating:



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