Troye Sivan - Take Yourself Home | Song Review

 Troye Sivan has kicked started his new era with the single 'Take Yourself Home'. It seems to follow the same, slow and calm gloom-pop theme that his last album 'Bloom' did. However, the song shocked me near the end... It has some hardcore beats; the beats you would hear in a nightclub. Maybe he is giving us a true teaser of what his new album will consist of?

In his newsletter, Troye spoke about the song:

"It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. The song is kind of a pep talk with yourself and the place you’re from. Grappling with your place in the world. I write these songs as a diary entry, then as life and places change and relationships change, songs can take on a new meaning entirely. Clearly, that has happened for this song with what is going on in the world now"

I really like this song, it is really relaxing (apart from the last 40 seconds). Troye has a way with music that captures his listeners through his lyrics. Having a slow, husky instrumental and vocals really lets the listeners in on how Troye is feeling. The song is very fitting with the current situation we are seeing worldwide and music is a great distraction. I am really looking forward to hearing Troye's new album.

Overall Rating:



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