Kygo (feat. Zak Abel) - Freedom | Song Review

 Freedom is something we all crave right now. The freedom to get out of our house, to hang out with our friends or just follow our daily routine. Kygo is making us feel alive and electric with his new album 'Golden Hour' and with 'Freedom' we can all see how it's shaping up to be. 

I would like to give a special mention to the music video for this song. Originally supposed to be filmed in the Maldives but is now shot inside the homes of the two artists. It's raw and beautiful and deserves all the credit for being amazing.

The song beings with Abel's soothing voice echoing over light piano keys and the signature Kygo sound. Kygo has mastered the art of chopping and mixing vocals with the drop and still making it sound unique whenever he does that. The song will give us the ray of sunshine that we all are looking for in the dark and gloomy days of the quarantine. 

Overall Rating:



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