Kelly Rowland - COFFEE | Song Review

 Kelly Rowland is back with a new single titled 'COFFEE' which is a vibey, soft, R&B song. When analyzing the lyrics, Kelly only has one thing on her mind throughout the song - coffee and sex in the morning. It is quite a sensual song really.

I have been really loving Kelly's music recently - her 2019 releases - 'Kelly' and 'Crown' were outstanding songs. She seems to be going in a different direction with her music and 'COFFEE' fits perfectly. It is a calming song - I hear some small influences to Jamaican music but nothing too overpowering to distract you from the smooth R&B sounds. Her soft vocals throughout really set the mood and fit with the overall theme. It is a true summer song that makes you want to lay in the sun vibing whilst enjoying a nice cold drink.

The music video is very aesthetically pleasing and fits with the whole vibe of the song. There isn't too much happening in the video which makes it so effective. The videography is perfect and shows all different shades of women which Kelly stated she wanted - no men to be seen in the video.

There has not been any news to whether this song will be part of her next studio album or whether she is just dropping singles at the moment but I hope Kelly sticks with the sound of this song - it is one of my favourites.

The only aspect of this song that I don't like is the length of it. I wish it was longer but what I have also found whilst listening is it never gets boring or repetitive.

Overall Rating:



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