Alina Baraz - It Was Divine | Album Review

Alina Baraz has released her new album ‘It Was Divine’. Baraz told Apple Music that she wanted to heal with this album and that is exactly what it feels like when you listen to it. You feel like you want to heal yourself and relax into reality.

The melodies throughout the album is different but it’s consistent in softness. Each song connects differently with certain emotions and gives you a since of clarity. My top 3 songs are:

My Whole Life

My whole life has a soft and angel feel to it, this song makes you feel weightless. Endlessly is self-explanatory, she sings about how in a relationship their all she wants for the rest of her life. The song Morocco gives off vacation vibe with your other half, this song has 6LACK as a feature.

Alina has multiples features on ‘It was Divine’ and it worked out very well. Every feature made the song enjoyable in every way. She has 4 artist on this album; 6LACK, Smino, Khalid and Nas. This is 16 song album full of soul, love and heartbreak; beautifully executed.

Overall rating:



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