Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart | Song Review

 For this throwback Thursday I’m bringing back a classic 2009 track by Alicia Keys, 'Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart'. This song is for the broken-hearted and it displays Alicia's deep feelings. Her breathy and airy whispers make the song so unique.

There is a build-up at the beginning and then the beat suddenly drops and it gets you ready to sing your heart out. The song is about her remembering all of the good times that her relationship had, but she’s going to find a way to be without him. The iconic verse of:

“Have you tried sleeping with a broken heart? Well you can try sleeping in my bed.”

Alicia was telling him that no matter how far he is, she’s always going to feel him around in everything she does. Everything she looks at reminds her of him and the pain she’s feeling. He made her feel amazing, but he ended up leaving her when he promised not to.

Keys mentioned that she’s always going to be in love with him all the way to the end. She’s going to hold on to love instead of broken dreams and find her way through this pain. There is no song that sounds like this, brings back amazing memories.

Overall Rating:



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