21 Savage (feat. Summer Walker) - Secret | Song Review

 21 Savage released his new single ‘Secret’ featuring Summer Walker. This new drop is about love regardless of the title, they’re going back and forth on how things are between them. They don’t want to let their love go or show.

Just because a relationship is a secret does not mean that there is no love. Somethings are better just left out of the public eye because people don’t know how to mind their business. Everyone loves to have a secret to keep for someone else, it shows trust.

The lyrics in this single are so touching with the way they both acknowledge their feelings about having a secret relationship. He wants to take away her pain from everyday life, while she’s been around since day one and it’s going to stay that way. The verse by Summer Walker;

“I never went too far, I always find my way back to you. Ain’t no way I could lose you.”

The slowness and the breathy vocals make it so much more meaningful and intense. They would both be hurt If they were ever to part from each other. 21 Savage having Summer Walker as the feature made this song effortless, graceful, and heartfelt. Beautiful job!

Overall rating:



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