Little Mix - Break Up Song | Song Review

 Little Mix has finally released a new single titled 'Break Up Song'. The LM5 era is finally over and they have kicked off the new era in true Little Mix fashion. 'Break Up Song' is a pop melody with 80's inspiration throughout. All members vocals throughout are strong throughout and it's a song you won't get out of your head for hours.

As the title states, it is just another break-up song discussing they don't need any man to make them happy and they are saying that you need to just get out and have fun and forget about your worries. It is a very fast-paced song, which again I really like - it fits in with the current pop trend. This song gives me the same feeling 'Shout Out To My Ex' and 'Black Magic' gave me when they released for the first time.

I love the fact Little Mix has gone back to their pop sound. 'LM5' was very experimental and contained a mixture of different sounds, but I personally think Little Mix shines so much brighter through their pop music. One thing I really love about Little Mix's music is they take a bad situation like a break up into such a jolly and positive song. They inspire so many people worldwide and this is another song to add to the long list.

I am really excited to hear their sixth studio album, especially after listening to 'Break Up Song' on repeat. 3 out of 4 of the girls (Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade) wrote this song alongside Frank Nobal and was produced by Kamille and Goldfingers. If you listen very closely, you can also hear some vocals from Kamille in the background. It seems every song Kamille works on with the Little Mix girls is always a great song.

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