Ally Brooke (ft. Tyga) - Low Key | Song Review

 Ex-Fifth Harmony member, Ally Brooke, has finally released her highly anticipated debut single as a solo artist called 'Low Key' featuring Tyga. The song sees Ally sing in a soft, seductive way with a Latino-kind-of sound in the background - which really reminds me of 'Havana' by Camila Cabello...

The track sees Tyga doing a rap verse after Ally sings the chorus which is actually pretty lowkey (pun intended) than what we usually hear from him but I like it. 'Low Key' is all about Ally seducing all the guys in the club - making it known that they should get to know her.

The song seems to stay on the same tone throughout which, if I am being honest, I am disappointed with - I expected a little more from Ally. Her vocals throughout her time in Fifth Harmony was insane, so this for me is a bit disappointing but it's still a good song. Maybe she will shock us all with future releases.


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