Nicki Minaj (ft. Lil Wayne) - Good Form (Remix) | Song Review

Nicki Minaj is a is a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and model. Best known for collaborating with many popular artists and releasing her own, chart-topping music. Her best-known songs consist of 'Superbass', 'Starships', 'Anaconda', 'Pills N Potions' and many more.

She has teamed up with Lil Wayne on the new remix of 'Good Form' - the 4th single from her 4th studio album 'Queen'. The original song, without the feature of Lil Wayne, is available on the album also.

All of Nicki Minaj's songs always have a sassy tune to them - as well as catchy lyrics and a contagious beat.

I really like this song! Again, it is has a very sassy feel to it and Lil Wayne's verse, as expected, maintains the same energy as Nicki, while also taking his fair share of outlandish shots at the beat. When Nicki raps 'Come on, come on, come on' I can't help but lip-sync in a sassy manner. Nicki's music always empowers and you can't help but dance. She really is the queen of rap! If I am being honest, I feel like this song didn't need a feature from Lil Wayne BUT it does work.

I really like it when Nicki Minaj releases her own material because she is known for collaborating with a lot of artists - which are always amazing - so it is nice to see her bring out some of her own smash hits. She is also an amazing songwriter and she can spit hella bars.

The whole 'Queen' album is amazing - I really like it.

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