Ashley Tisdale - Voices In My Head | Song Review

Ashley Tisdale is best known for her character in High School Musical, Sharpay Evans. However, she has worked on a ton of different shows and has previously released 2 studio albums called 'Headstrong' and 'Guilty Pleasure' and many singles over the years. She has been most popular in the last couple of years through her YouTube videos where she does covers of songs.

She is back with her new single called ‘Voices in My Head’ which is her debut single from her upcoming album ‘Symptoms’. At the time of writing this, I believe a release date for the album hasn’t been published. 'Symptoms' is the third album by the actress and singer Ashley Tisdale. The upcoming album is pop-electro and upbeat. Ashley hasn’t released an album since 2009’s Guilty Pleasure, which debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard 200.

I’m not going to lie, I have never listened to Ashley’s music before. I only know the classic High School Musical songs but it so refreshing hearing her natural voice when she isn’t in a character like Sharpay. I have heard her cover on her YouTube though and she is very talented, a very good vocalist!

Ashley has revealed that the inspiration for her new music is from her own experience and battle with depression and anxiety. She has said she has most likely suffered with them all of her life but wasn’t aware. It has been within the last two years she has released she suffered from depression and anxiety and has gotten help for it. I really like it when artists take experiences from their own life and put them into a song - it is an artistic way of telling their own story and hopefully it will help their fans with their troubles as well. Or letting their fans know that they aren't alone, their favourite celebrity may have the same problems no matter what they show on Social Media.

  All the voices in my head  
  Always try to break me  
  Fuck me up and change me  

As well as having the electro-pop sound on this song, the verses do have an acoustic feeling instrumental behind Ashley's amazing vocals. Acoustic songs always have a relatable feel to them.

Overall, this song is really good and it seems very personal to Ashley and you can hear that through her vocals.

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