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Meet The Artist: Sam Sky

For the 3rd episode of 'Meet The Artist', I spoke with Sam Sky all about his music, how his career started and much more! Watch the full interview below:

About Us

Hello!  Thank you for visiting Thomathy Entertianment!!

To introduce myself, I'm Tom Fearn and I am the Founder of Thomathy Entertainment. This is my space on the internet to express my love for music and share the best songs.

Originally founded in 2018, I started it as a music blog, sharing my opinions of the newly released music from well-known artists and I started seeing a need to incorporate smaller, independent artists and helping them be heard by more people.

I slowly started to incorporate smaller artists music within my blog as well as doing the usual well-known artist but I made the decision to truly focus on the smaller, independent artists. 

Along with Thomathy Entertainment (or TE for short), I have also launched a sister-website that consists of lyrics from the independent artists I share on this blog.